Causes of Addiction

What Causes Drug Addiction

Alcohol addiction is one of the most increasing types of addictions in teenagers. Although, there is no particular cause of drugs abuse among teens there are many factors that lead children to wrong path and it is quiet difficult to bring them back on correct path. Due to lots of exposure youngsters are getting more aware of these substances and are getting involved with it.

According to various survey reports it is clear that children from 12 to 17 years are more prone towards Chemical substance than teenagers. As they are not aware of the addiction consequences and indulge it just for the shake of pleasure. Every year about two thousand children die who are below the age of 21. Effects of drug indulgence are quiet severe and lots of accidents can be seen on roads due to alcohol abuse.

These are some of the main causes due to which teens are getting involved indulgence of drugs:

  • Lack in supervision of parents on children
  • Communication problem between kids and parents
  • Undefined rules and expectations of parents
  • To much pressure and severe discipline can also lead them to indulgence of drugs
  • Conflict among parents
  • Usage of drugs by parents can also provoke children towards indulgence of drugs

Different kinds of rehabilitation centers are provided for the treatment of substance abuse indulgence. Though all kinds of facilities are provided for drug abusers but indulgence should be prevented and much care on teenagers and children are kept by the parents. Getting treatment after longer indulgence is quiet difficult as lots of relapses and withdrawal symptoms are hard to come but if the addicts are more concentrated on recovery they can come out of addictions easily. And at the same time getting treatment is also quiet costly and it is not affordable. Free drug rehabilitation centers are offered by government but the better steps from addicts help to recover soon.

The parents should plan accordingly to keep their children engaged in lots of activities, so that children do not get time to get attracted towards other wrong activities. Due to lack of time among the parents, teens become lonely and get depressed. Due to such depression they get involved into addiction of drugs and other criminal activities. So care must be taken from parents side, lots of quality time must be provided to the children.

As there is an increase in competition and lots of pressure is created on teens to excel in their life. Too much pressure makes them depressed and this leads them to wrong path and new drug abuse habits with new friends. In order to get away from pressure they take the path of drugs and get addicted easily.

Conflicts in family and among parents can be a major cause of addictions in teenagers. Some of the children also indulge in substance abuse just for the sake of pleasure and just to try it. Without any consideration they get involved in the addiction and can cause various problems.

In some of the families, parents themselves indulge in drug and alcohol addiction by imitating their parents and due to this the children also get easily involved in the addictions. These are some of the major causes of indulgence of drugs among the teenagers which is affecting the roots of future.